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 Your Complete Guide to Netgear Nighthawk Setup

 Got your first Netgear nighthawk or one which just stopped working, we have a complete setup guide and steps which can resolve such issues where you always need a local technician.

  • You got the netgear router but don’t know how to setup and connect cables? This router is High end router, if not setup properly it won’t perform well.
  • Understanding cable connection is your first task. Plugging in power to connecting all Ethernet cables in right LAN and WAN port will give your nighthawk signal through which you can perform setup wizard.
  • Login into your Netgear router through router login web address or given IP address like or varies to diffrent kind of internet connection you have For example if you are using frontier connection your IP address may get changed to avoid conflicts. In that case it may change to Ask our technicians to know your internet connection type and IP address any time.
  • If netgear Genie is installed you can easily setup your Netgear nighthawk using genie app. Make sure You choose Netgear wireless network to make genie work. You can download genie online or our technicians can install it on your computer and setup genie for your nighthawk.
  • Netgeardo provide nighthawk range extenders .You can compare Nighthawk extenders to any extender available. These extenders mean business. Powerful extenders to cover every corner even your neighbor’s house.
  • It should be plugged into wall and you need to be connected to Nighthawk extender setup network. Use mywifiext to login into your extender and setup it. It may show you (You are not connected to your extender’s WiFi network)
  • In this case you can manually try setup wizard for nighthawk extender. Plug Ethernet cable from extender to your computer and login into mywifiext.net.


Looking for High speed from Netgear Nighthawk but not receiving such?

You need to follow some instructions to make your Netgear router nighthawk work and perform efficiently.

  • Try not using surge protector or extensions.
  • Centralize your router in your home or office.
  • Raise it away from the floor.
  • Keep it away from electronic devices, especially anything that emits radio waves.
  • Antennas positioning .Recommendation is 40° to 70°.
  • Setup your router on automatic reboot .Schedule it in the night when no one is using it.
  • Install new Firmware upgrade.
  • Install custom DD-wrt firmware.
  • Switch your wireless frequencies.

Want to keep an eye on your Netgear Nighthawk router?

Netgear Nighthawk router gives you freedom to control your network and put some boundaries.

  • Track which device is using most of the bandwidth.
  • Restrict any content you want. Websites ,abusing keywords or popping up Ads.
  • Block any device you need to. Schedule the time for any device for when to be online.
  • Monitor internet Traffic live.
  • Protect your Customers and Employees also when using it for small business or open facilities offering WiFi by smart protection.
  • Allows remote management even when you’re away from home to control wireless.

Make life easier by Amazon Alexa for Netgear Nighthawk

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Allow Alexa to control you Wireless network. Simply say Alexa, ask Netgear router to turn on the Guest Wifi or say Alexa, ask Netgear router to reboot.

Download genie app before setting up alexa with netgear router. Create a remote access account and register your router with that account.

  • Open Alexa app.
  • Go to Home > Skills.
  • In search Skill field, type NETGEAR skill.
  • Now select NETGEAR skill.
  • Link Account and sign in with your NETGEAR account which you created.
  • Hit accept and Alexa will link your Netgear router.

click here to see which routers are supported by Alexa

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